10 Best Infrared Sauna Reviews By Consumer Reports 2019

A sauna with infrared technology can give you similar benefits to that of a conventional steam-sauna but without using steam. By using infrared technology, the sauna helps with relaxation, detoxification, and weight loss. Using a sauna regularly may also help with other health problems. When choosing sauna with infrared technology for your home you should consider how much space you have in which you have to keep your unit. There are some options that can be folded and stored away when not in use. Others require a bigger space for usage.

Having a sauna with infrared technology in your home can allow you to use it anytime you want without going to a local gym or spa facility, helping save time and money. Some at-home infrared saunas are created for use by one adult at a time while other larger and more pricey units can accommodate two or three adults. Using the unit at home means that you always have access to a method of relaxation while in the privacy and comfort of your own space. The following is a list of the 10 best infrared saunas by consumer reports.

10. Radiant Saunas Oversized Cabin

The oversized portable cabin sauna from this brand has plenty of space for one adult to use comfortably. It’s ideal for those seeking benefits of a sauna with infrared technology for use in their home without needing a huge space. It can be folded up and stored away when not in use.

This unit comes with a handheld controller that allows you to change settings while you’re inside. The arm holes allow you to read a book or use a device while relaxing. This unit is made of durable materials and has a strong, but lightweight, frame that is made to last.

9. SereneLife Home Spa

The SereneLife Home Spa has adjustable heat that radiates throughout the interior of the unit for relaxation and detoxification. It’s lightweight and can be folded for storage when you’re not using it. It includes arm holes that allow you to change settings, use your phone, or read a book while you’re inside.

This infrared-sauna from SereneLife comes with a chair that is specifically created for use inside this particular sauna. The included chair is also foldable so you can store the chair when not in use. This infrared-sauna has powerful heat that can help you with weight loss and improve your overall skin condition.

8. Radiant-Saunas BSA6310 Rejuvenator Sauna

The Radiant-Saunas BSA6310 Rejuvenator infrared unit is equipped with 3 ETL approved heating panels that distribute heat quickly and evenly throughout the interior. It has a padded neck collar for comfort while relaxing inside.

This unit from has a handheld controller with a front pocket for storage when you’re not using the unit controller. It has 5 different levels of heat and a built-in thermostat with a maximum temperature of 150 degrees. It includes a 6.5 foot power cord that gives you options when you’re choosing where to use your sauna.

7. JNH-Lifestyles NE1HB1 Sauna

The ENSI-collection JNH-Lifestyles sauna is a stand alone unit that is spacious and has room for one adult to sit comfortably. This unit is one of few options available on market with heaters that have been tested for 0-EMF and is also ETL approved.

This infrared-sauna from the JNH-Lifetyles brand has an AUX connection and speakers inside so you can listen to your favorite music while you relax. It’s made of double-layered Canadian hemlock that is durable and works as an excellent insulator. This infrared-sauna is equipped with 6 commercial grade heaters that are made to last.

6. JNH-Lifestyles NE3HB1 NO-EMF Sauna, 3-person

The infrared-sauna from JNH-Lifestyles has enough space for 3 adults to sit inside comfortably. This unit has been certified by Intertek to have zero-EMF heaters, a rare find among saunas with infrared technology. It’s made of durable hardwood from Canada that provides great insulation for a quick heat-up and long lasting warmth while you’re sitting inside.

This JNH-Lifestyles brand unit is equipped with an LED control panel that lets you change temperature and timer from the interior. The included AUX connection means you can easily connect your compatible device to enjoy music or podcasts while you relax.

5. JNH-Lifestyles Joyous 1-Person Far Sauna

This 1-person unit is equipped with 6 carbon fiber FAR heaters to provide even heat that stays at your desired temperature throughout your time inside. It’s made to be long-lasting and durable.On the exterior of the unit is double-layered Canadian hemlock timber for optimal insulation.

This sauna from JNH-Lifestyles Joyous line has a built-in AUX connection and two speakers inside for entertainment. With the digital control panel you can easily control various settings while sitting inside. This unit is made with UL-listed components and is also ETL approved.

4. Radiant-Saunas 2-Person Hemlock Infrared-sauna with 6 Carbon Heaters

The 2-person hemlock unit from Radiant-Saunas is equipped with 6 carbon heaters that are created to deliver steady and even heat. This unit comes with a 7-year warranty from the sauna manufacturer. It’s equipped with durable construction and is made of quality materials that are created to last. It includes buckle connectors that make assembly quick and easy.

This unit is able to seat two adults comfortably. The bronze tinted glass door that is tempered for safety. This unit has an exterior control panel so that you can control time and temperature. This sauna also has a maximum temperature setting of 141 degrees F.

3. JNH-Lifestyles NE2HB1 Sauna from the ENSI-Collection

The ENSI-collection sauna from JNH-Lifestles has 7 carbon fiber heaters inside. The unique design of this unit allows it to deliver even heat that lasts throughout your session. Infrared heaters inside the unit have been tested and certified to be EMF-free.

This infrared unit uses a standard electrical outlet for power. The interior LED control panel allows you to control time and temperature from inside. This infrared-sauna also has a connection for your phone or other device so you can listen to music, audio books, or podcasts to increase your enjoyment of your sauna.

2. JNH-Lifestyles Joyous Three person Sauna

This spacious 3-person unit from this brand has 8 carbon fibers heaters on the interior.It’s made for use by up to 3 adults and the unit allows you to enjoy your time inside with music through an AUX connection and premium speakers.

The Joyous sauna from JNH-Lifestyles is made of durable hemlock wood from Canada. It comes with a 5 year warranty and offers optimum insulation to keep the interior at your desired temperature. It has a digital panel inside to allow you to control temperature and time conveniently without stepping outside.

1. JNH-Lifestyles Two-Person FAR Sauna

This unit from the brand JNH-Lifestyles can be used by up to two adults at once. The unit has a spacious seat and is made with durable and long-lasting materials. The exterior of the unit is constructed of a double layer of Canadian hemlock that offers plenty of insulation.

This FAR infrared-sauna is made of certified “green” wood so you don’t have to worry about making a negative environmental impact. It has a digital panel so you can adjust time and temperature to your ideal settings. The unit also has speakers inside so you can listen to music while you spend time in your sauna.

Having an infrared-sauna at home can be a wonderful way to relax after a stressful day. This technology can also have health benefits like weight loss, detoxification, and pain relief. Some users also report an improvement in their skin condition after regular infrared-sauna usage. There are many options when you’re choosing a unit for use at home. Some units are small and can be folded away when you’re not using them. Other types quite big and require a big space for use.

When you’re choosing a sauna with infrared technology for your space you should consider how you want to use it. Some are made for use by one individual at a time while others may accommodate more adults comfortably. If you have a spacious area and plan to use your unit frequently, you’ll likely want a stand alone unit that is made to stay in place once the assembly is complete. When shopping for saunas with infrared technology you can benefit by reading online consumer reviews to find a good option based on the money you want to spend.

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