10 Best Wood Burning Stove Reviews By Consumer Reports In 2019

When it comes to heating your home, a wood burning stove is a classic way to provide warmth and coziness to your space. Wood burning stoves can heat large spaces and they heat up the room quickly. The best thing about a wood burning stove is the ability to find fuel quickly and cheaply.

Many wood burning stoves are capable of heating an entire home and can be used as your main heat source. Smaller wood burning stoves can also be used as a supplemental heat source in larger homes. The installation of a wood burning stove requires some knowledge to ensure that it’s done correctly for safety. A professional may be needed if you have no experience with the installation process.

Wood burning stoves are the go to method of heating your home for many people who prefer a traditional heat source. Fire wood is relatively inexpensive and can be found for free if you have land with your own wood source. Plus, when it’s cold outside, there is nothing more cozy than having a fire burning in your home. The following are the top 10 best wood burning stoves based on consumer reports.

10. Drolet High-Efficiency Wood Stove

The Drolet high efficiency wood stove burns at 78% efficiency. It is capable of putting out 95,000 BTUs. This stove can heat a large space in no time. Plus, the unit is fairly small compared to some other stoves on the market. It has a 3.93 cubic feet firebox lined with firebricks. It also has a large ash drawer so that you don’t have to empty it frequently.

This wood burning stove from Drolet has a timeless look that will go easily in your living room, family room, or other area of the home. It is able to hold logs up to 22″ long. It comes with a 5/16″ steel plate on top and has a heavy duty cast iron door for durability.

9. Vogelzang VG150 Epa Certified Wood Stove

The Vozelgang wood stove is EPA certified to meet safety standards. It is capable of putting out 68,000 BTUs. This stove is lined with firebrick for durability and combustion efficiency. This stove is able to heat a room of around 1500 square feet. It’s ideal as the main heat source for smaller size homes and cabins.

This wood burning stove from Vozelgang burns clean and produces little to no smoke. It has durable materials and is made with steel that is designed to last. The door on the front of the stove has a small viewing window so that you can see the flames. It comes with the blower and is mounted on 4 legs that allow you to install it easily.

8. Wood Burning Cook Stove

This wood burning cook stove has a baking oven and can also function as a great heat source for your home. The stove has a old-fashioned look and comes in a beautiful vibrant red color. It has a cast iron cooking top that can be used to prepare meals. This stove would be great for a cabin as a heat source that doubles as a way to cook your food.

The wood burning cook stove has a cast iron frame, plate and rings for durability. The stove has decorative side panels that look great in the kitchen. It can heat a space up to around 25′ by 25′. This stove is not intended for use as a primary heat source but can be used as a secondary source in all sizes of homes.

7. HiFlame EPA approved 1,200 Square Feet cast iron wood burning stove

The HiFlame cast iron wood burning stove can heat a space up to 1200 square feet. It is compatible with a 6″ stove pipe or flue outlet. This stove can accommodate logs up to 16″. It is compact in size and works well in small spaces. The stove lights easily and can burn up to 8 hours.

The cast iron stove from HiFlame is capable of producing up to 37,000 BTUs. It’s designed to heat up quickly to warm up the room efficiently. This stove has a beautiful enamel finish and air-washed door design that allows you to see the flames as they burn. The high-tech firebox helps the stove to burn clean and prevent smoke and soot from getting into the home.

6. Wood Burning Cook Stove La Nordica “Rosa L”

This wood burning cook stove from La Nordica can be used in a cabin or home as a secondary heat source. The stove comes with a baking oven and also has a cast iron cooktop for preparing meals. It is able to put out a significant amount of heat when in use. The stove has wood drawer for convenience.

This traditional looking cook stove comes equipped with an efficient combustion system to conserve fuel and energy. The frame, plate, and rings on the stove are made of durable cast iron. This stove is fairly compact compared to similar cook stoves and it works well in smaller spaces.

5. Wood Burning Cook Stove La Nordica “Rosa XXL”

The wood burning Rosa XXL from La Nordica has a large baking oven, a cast iron cooktop, and also functions as an additional heat source for your home. It has a wood drawer for convenience. This cook stove is ideal for cabins and rustic homes that have access to plenty of firewood for cooking and heating the space.

This wood burning stove has a efficient combustion system that helps it heat up quickly without wasting fuel. It has a cast iron frame, plate, and rings that are designed to last. The stove has an 85% heating efficiency and the large cooking surface allows you to prepare a complete meal.

4. US Stove 2000 EPA Certified Wood Stove

The US Stove wood burning stove is capable of producing enough heat to warm up a 2000 square foot space. This stove can be a primary heat source for most homes around that size. It comes with the needed blower for efficient use. The stove is certified by the EPA for clean burning.

This stove from US Stove is capable of burning logs up to 21″ long. It has an ash drawer that is easy to clean to remove ashes. The firebox is lined with firebrick that are designed to last through many years of use. This stove is safe for use in mobile homes. It can provide up to 89,000 BTUs.

3. Vogelzang TR004 Colonial EPA Wood Stove

The Vozelgang Colonial wood stove is a fireplace insert that has a large hearth surround for a classic look. This insert can be put into many existing fireplaces to provide an excellent source of heat and a cozy atmosphere. It is able to heat a space up to 1800 square feet.

This fireplace insert has a cast iron feed door with a large ceramic glass window that allows you to see the flames. The fireplace insert is made with heavy gauge reinforced steel for durability. This unit is able to burn for around 8 hours on one fueling. It works at over 75% efficiency to save energy and conserve fuel.

2. Pleasant Hearth 1,800 Square Feet Wood Burning Stove

The Pleasant Hearth wood burning stove is capable of heating a space up to 1800 square feet. It can burn anywhere from 8 to 10 hours on one fueling, allowing you to heat your home without constantly having to add more wood. This fireplace can put out up to 65000 BTUs. The blower is high capacity so that it can spread heat throughout the room.

This wood burning fireplace from Pleasant Hearth can hold logs up to 22″ in length. This stove fits a 6″ stove pipe and it comes with a variable speed blower. It has a draft control slider above the door. This wood burning stove is EPA certified and omni tested.

1. HQ ISSUE Outdoor Wood Stove

This wood burning stove by HQ Issue is designed for use outdoors. It provides a way to cook outdoors and can also supply heat to the surrounding area. This stove is made of galvanized steel with a high temperature finish. It has a durable cast iron hinged door with easy to control vent holes.

This wood burning stove is ideal for camps, out buildings and other outdoor uses. It can be moved around as needed and the legs detach for portability. The pipe is also easily removable and can nest inside the stove when not in use for easy storage. The stove weighs only 47 pounds.

A wood burning stove can heat up quickly to fill your space with warmth. Wood burning stoves come in many different styles. For those who want a dual purpose stove, you can find one that also allows for cooking and baking. These types of stoves are larger than most but can work as a heat source for small cabins and cottages, while also allowing you to cook all your meals. There are also wood burning stoves that are used just for heat.

The best thing about having a wood burning stove is the ease and affordability of finding fuel for the stove. Some wood burning stoves can be installed in existing fireplaces while others are free-standing. Wood burning stoves are able to heat up quickly and can provide heat to large spaces. For smaller homes, a wood burning stove can supply heat to the entire house. When shopping for wood burning stoves, you can read reviews from others who have purchased the stove to ensure you’re finding a good one for the money.

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